About Gerie Owen


Gerie Owen is a Software Test Manager at Qualitest Group where she represents the Qualitest team at the client site and manages the offshore team’s test activities including the development of an automated regression test suite. Gerie manages large, complex projects involving multiple applications, coordinates test teams across multiple time zones and delivers high quality projects on time and within budget. She has implemented the offshore model, developed and trained new teams.

Gerie is also a Certified Scrum Master, Conference Presenter and Author on Testing and Test management topics. She enjoys mentoring new QA Leads and brings a cohesive team approach to testing.  Gerie is the author of many articles on testing and is currently writing a series on the Brave New Worlds of testing. She chooses her presentation topics based on her testing and test management experiences, what she has learned from them and what she would like to learn to improve them.

I’m also a marathon runner and cat mom.  Contact me here.


2 thoughts on “About Gerie Owen

  1. Cody Behles

    Ms. Owen,
    I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Systems Testing Excellence Program (STEP) at the University of Memphis (http://www.memphis.edu/step/). STEP has been a leading systems testing program working with national level corporations and organizations including FedEx, the DOD, and the Malaysian government for 10 years. Our director, Dr. Robin Poston, recently read your article on the 16 Best Software Quality and Testing Conferences and would like to inquire if you would be interested in helping us promote our 10th Annual Systems Testing Excellence Conference. Please reach out to me and I can help arrange any information or interviews you may require.

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