Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

My New Android Phone is Everything, Except Maybe a Phone

Now that I’ve figured out how to swipe and tap, I’m dancing my way through emails and applications. I’ve downloaded my nook, added some songs and, overall, having lots of fun with my new device. I’ve even figured out how to make a call and it’s a process. Turn on the device, swipe to unlock, tap the phone receiver button, tap the contact list, scroll down to find the contact, and click the phone icon. Oh my, that’s six steps! I guess I could tap in the number, if I can remember it, but only eliminates a couple of steps and increases the frustration when my finger accidentally taps the wrong number.

Better still, now that I’ve figured out what the icon for a missed call…whaaaat, I missed a call???? I didn’t know it rang! Oh nooooo!!! What if it was a guy asking me out? I impatiently tap the log icon and yes, it was he. Did he leave a message? Where, oh where is the voicemail icon???? Of course, it isn’t on the call log. I finally find the voicemail button which has no distinctive marking at all and frantically hit, pound, and then finally tap the icon.

Uh oh..now the phone is making a strange noise, rather like it’s drowning. I finally figure out that is actually ringing. Now, how do I answer it? Tap, no doesn’t work, swipe??? As I exasperatedly try out all my new dance moves, the call goes down for the last time and drowns. Quickly, I tap the log, only to find out it was my would-have-been date. I attack the elusive voicemail button yet again and find only his original message. So now I am dateless and it’s all my new phone’s fault!!!!

My new smartphone can do everything I can imagine wanting it to do….except handle calls! What’s wrong with this picture? I’m now the proud owner of a brand new device, but I wouldn’t call it a phone.